Chicago, Other Cities: Corruption is No Stranger

CHICAGO MAY be the third-largest city in the U.S. and the “Second City” when it comes to culture, but without a doubt, Chicago is America’s first city when it comes to political corruption.Not a day has passed in the last five months without the media exposing some lurid story of city hall corruption. The current ruler of Chicago, Mayor Richard Daley II–who just a short time ago was considered by Time magazine to be one of the best mayors in the country–suffered the humiliation of being interrogated by the U.S. Attorney’s office about the recent scandals.

ByJoe Allen

The recent revelations of corruption in Chicago politics may come as no shock in the city identified around the world with Al Capone. Yet what has been hidden is how the corruption was organized by the “City’s Fathers”–the mobsters, the politicians and the businessmen.

Robert Cooley’s When Corruption Was King is an insider’s account of how the mob and their Democratic Party allies ruled the “city that works” in the 1970s and ’80s–especially how they “fixed” the judiciary. Cooley, the son and grandson of Chicago police officers, learned quickly that if he wanted to be a successful lawyer he had to deal with the Democratic Party’s First Ward leader Pat Marcy.

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Sex, Lies and Corruption in Detroit

Earlier this year, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit was convicted and had to resign his office.  He was caught in a sexual relationship with his chief of staff and some of the evidence against him included hundreds of text-messages that were love notes to the woman.  He initially denied the charges and then was caught in a web of lies….

Marion Berry of Washington DC

By Sharon LaFraniere
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, Jan. 19, 1990; Page A01

D.C. Mayor Marion Barry was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine last night at the downtown Vista International Hotel after a fast-moving undercover investigation by the FBI and D.C. police that began several weeks ago, according to law enforcement officials and sources familiar with the arrest.

Sources said that the mayor, who was arrested shortly after 8 p.m., smoked crack cocaine in the hotel room. The sources said the mayor was with a longtime female friend of the mayor who agreed to work with federal authorities.

The woman, who came to the District recently from California, did not smoke cocaine or engage in sexual activity with mayor before his arrest, the sources said. The encounter took place over about an hour and was video and audio-taped, sources said…..

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