India To Pakistan: “Military Option Still On The Table”

India on Saturday sent a warning to Pakistan that it should not presume the likelihood of military retaliation was fading with time.

Pakistani paramilitary troops undertake a search operation in ...

“If a country cannot keep the assurances that it has given, then it obliges us to consider the entire range of options that exist to protect our interests and our people from this menace (of terrorism),” said External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, in a clear reference to Pakistan’s promise to ensure there would be no terrorist attacks against India from its soil.

Hindustan Times

The minister’s statement, read out by Sikkim University Vice-Chancellor Mahendra Lama at the inauguration of a conference in Gangtok, seems to be part of an overall drive by New Delhi to infuse credibility to India’s warnings to Pakistan after the Mumbai attack.

Mukherjee’s statement says, “The recent attacks in Mumbai only reflect the extent to which terrorists have spread their network. The repeated appeals that we have made to our neighbours, over the years, to ensure that they do not provide any support to terrorist activities and dismantle the terrorist infrastructure, has been ignored, despite assurances given by them.”

Without mentioning Pakistan or its military’s Inter-Services Intelligence directly, the minister added that Mumbai was “the latest instance of how subregionalism, regionalism and multilateralism are directly threatened by non-state actors with the aid of para-state apparatus.”

India’s recent decision to deploy additional MiG fighters around the capital and establish no-fly zones around nuclear reactor sites is being seen by some as a silent warning to Pakistan.

File photo shows Indian fighter jets taking part in a mock exercise ... 
Indian fighter jets taking part in a mock exercise at the Indian Air Force Station in Gwalior. Pakistan accused India’s air force of violating its airspace, drawing a swift denial from New Delhi.(AFP/File/Manan Vatsyayana)

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in Washington the steps taken so far by Islamabad post-Mumbai were “not nearly enough” and advised Pakistan to keep working to “really deal” with terrorism to help ease the present crisis. The message to the Pakistani government, she said, had to be “you need to deal with the terrorist problem. And it’s not enough to say these are non-state actors. If they’re operating from Pakistani territory, then they have to be dealt with.”

However, Richard Barrett, coordinator of the United Nations Security Council’s al Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Monitoring Committee, expressed satisfaction with the cooperation he was receiving from Islamabad in implementing UN sanctions against the Jamaat-ud-Dawa.

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5 Responses to “India To Pakistan: “Military Option Still On The Table””

  1. Manish Goel Says:

    ……….I am in agreement to what has been voiced,frankly they are infested with not only crab-like instincts but are directing good energy for worthless cause……such mindless act of violence can give birth to major catastrophe cable of engulfing the whole World.
    Jehad should be against deprivation, hunger & diseases,sanitations.Time & again it has been proved beyond doubts that Ballet not bullet dictates the course of Society & Nation At large.

  2. Manish Goel Says:

    Undoubtedly all pacific means are not only being applied by India but also further pacific means like sharing informations with Interpol etc are underway,so as to enable them to judge the seriousness of issue in hand & other hard recourse to armed action is avoided.

  3. Manish Goel Says:

    some of the moderate voices with in Pakistan are also trying to grapple with the problem but unless ruling clans be it military or civilians change it’s mindset,things shall continue to roll downhill.



  4. Manish Goel Says:

    Frankly,my heart is bleeding,the carnage I have witnessed on the Street of Mumbai is akin to nightmare…worst shall be the experience of those who passed through it, I do not know what moderation is required in my expression,if you think the tenor & sentiments needed one kindly do it yourself,please.

  5. Manish Goel Says:

    Limited strike at terror camps is another option against the full blown WAR,by giving credence to the alibi proposed that Pakistan itself is victim of terror & has not adequate will & means,this responsibility at last should be discharged by India for they should not be allowed to run with hare & hunt with hounds which they seems to developed their expertise.

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