Internet Victim? Washington Post, Baltimore Sun to Share Content

Sad day in the land of great newspapers as the Washington Post enters into a content sharing agreement to save money….


By Michael S. Rosenwald
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, December 23, 2008; 12:04 PM

Editors from The Washington Post and Baltimore Sun said today that they have agreed to begin sharing certain stories, photos and other news content.

The deal comes as both newspapers, like the rest of the industry, struggle to retain readers and cut costs as the economics of the business shift.

The agreement takes effect Jan. 1 and primarily covers day-to-day news about Maryland and sports. Also, the papers can draw on one another’s national, international and feature stories contributed to the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service.

“We have great respect for The Baltimore Sun’s reporting and believe adding their expertise to our regional coverage will be very beneficial to our readers,” Marcus Brauchli, the Post’s executive editor, said in a news release.

Exclusive stories will generally not be shared between papers. Also out of bounds are articles about Maryland state government and University of Maryland athletics, both of which are competitive subjects to each paper.

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