Israel Punishes Gaza In Vain

History shows Israel’s insistence on military overkill (literally) will only cause the Palestinians to come back stronger and with more political will. Its insistence on Middle East military dominance results in fewer friends and more enemies, says Rami G. Khouri.

BEIRUT — God punished the arrogance and hubris of the Hebrews in the Old Testament by making them wander the wilderness for 40 years before allowing a later, more humble, generation to enter Canaan. The current generation of Israeli Jews is not as proficient at learning these 40-year lessons, it seems, to judge from Israel’s current ferocious attack on Gaza.

The father of Palestinian Dena Balosha, 4, left, one of five ... 
The father of Palestinian Dena Balosha, 4, left, one of five members of the same family including three children and two teenagers who were killed in an Israeli missile strike, carries her body during their funeral in the Jebaliya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008. Israel’s overwhelming air campaign against the Gaza Strip inched closer to the territory’s Hamas rulers as the assault entered its third day Monday, as missiles struck a house next to the Hamas premier’s home and destroyed symbols of the Islamic movement’s power.(AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)


It was exactly 40 years ago to the day — December 28, 1968 — that Israeli commandos raided Beirut airport and destroyed 13 Lebanese civilian aircraft, in retaliation for a Palestinian attack against an Israeli airliner in Athens. Israel aimed to inflict a revenge punishment so severe that it would shock the Arabs into preventing the Palestinians from fighting Israel.


Today, 40 years and countless attacks and wars later, Israel again uses massive retaliatory and punitive force to pummel the Palestinians of Gaza into submission. Hundreds of Palestinians have died in the first 24 hours of the Israeli attack, and several thousand might die by the time the operation ends. For what purpose, one wonders?


The past 40 years offer a credible guide, if anyone in Israel or Washington cares to grasp the historical record instead of merely wallowing in a cruel world of political lies…

From the Middle East Online:


2 Responses to “Israel Punishes Gaza In Vain”

  1. dcbarton Says:

    Exactly how should Israel react? Whatever they try, the Palestinians react with violence and rocket fire. Remember the Israeli pullout of Gaza in 2006? In less than two months the Palestinians (great peace loving innocent victims that they are) were firing rockets into Israel from Gaza. Why is it that Israel is always expected to accept the rocket fire and the dead Israelis without ever striking back? When do the “peace at any cost” crowd begin to realize that some people don’t want peace unless the price of war becomes too steep? This is the problem with the Palestinians, they want only war and will continue to want only war until the price of war becomes too steep.

  2. Dysfunctional Parrot Says:

    Sorry, but Israel has been more than patient.

    If your neighbor is throwing grenades over your fence while your kids are in the backyard playing, would you be expected to exercise restraint?

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