Gaza: France’s Sarkozy Not Helping

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert told French President Sarkozy to please block the cease fire resolution in the United Nations.

Olmert also relayed that request to the European Union and others.

Sarkozy has been on a Middle East trip to find ways to broker a cease fire.

But Olmert told him until Hamas in Gaza stop sending rockets into Isreal there can be no end to the fighting.  He said Israel has acted in self defense….

Olmert also reminded Sarkozy that “Sometimes the need to find a compromise in the UN comes at Israel’s expense.”

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From National Public Radio

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is on a ceasefire mission to the Middle East. While his country no longer holds the European Union presidency, Sarkozy says it is France’s duty to look for all paths to peace. Critics say Sarkozy is on a power trip after his six-month stint as diplomatic head of Europe. They accuse him of muddying EU efforts to broker a ceasefire.

Hear the report from NPR:

One Response to “Gaza: France’s Sarkozy Not Helping”

  1. jonolan Says:

    No NPR transcript available yet, but I’ll hazard the guess that the EU is really complaining that Sarkozy’s ceasefire plan isn’t as anti-Israeli and pro-Islamist terrorist (HAMAS and Iran) as their own.

    Yeah, that would muddy their efforts alright…

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