Where is The Plan To Make Economy Bigger, Increase Wealth?

President-elect Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats are offering a debtifinanced give-away, not a real stimulus that will increase wealth, incentivize growth and provide long term jobs with lasting wealth, value and national benefit for decades, says Club for Growth President Pat Toomey.

Mr. Toomey appeared on the Fox News Channel during the 5 PM broadcast.

The Club for Growth is highly critical of Senator Harry Reid and his plans for the first legislative vote of the 111th Congress….

US dollar notes are checked at a bank. The dollar held firm ... 


From The Club For Growth

After promises of fiscal responsibility and “change we can believe in” from the Democrats, Majority Leader Harry Reid is favoring business as usual. The Democratic Majority Leader plans to bring a pork-filled omnibus bill to the Senate floor next week as the first legislative vote of the 111th Congress.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The omnibus is a result of a months-long standoff between taxpayer hero Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) and the Majority Leader. Sen. Coburn has placed a hold on many of the projects contained in the omnibus, arguing that they are unnecessary, a waste of taxpayer dollars, and have not been subject to competitive review or debate. Some of these questionable projects include $5 million for the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii and Florida and $12 million for a greenhouse in Maryland. In an attempt to ram these projects through Congress, Senator Reid will dump these projects into a large omnibus bill and call for a vote in the coming week.

When Senator Reid assumed the position of Majority Leader in 2007, he promised fiscal responsibility, declaring: “The American people told us they expect us to work together for fiscal responsibility.” Reid’s determination to make earmarks the first order of business in the 111th Congress is a direct violation of that pledge.

“We urge all members of Congress to vote against this bill, and in the case of passage, we urge President-Elect Obama to veto it,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Barack Obama has a unique opportunity to demonstrate that he is not beholden to the Democratic kingmakers in Congress, but is accountable, first and foremost, to the American taxpayers. After promising to reform the earmark process and keep the stimulus bill free of pork, he should inform Senator Reid that he fully intends to veto the omnibus if it reaches his desk.”

“In these challenging economic times, the last thing Congress should be doing is ramming a pork-filled omnibus bill through the legislature. The American people want change, but it must be more than words and pledges. It must be action.”

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