Total Cell Phone Ban in Cars?

This should be a “no-brainer.”  Experts day driving while using a cell phone is about the same as driving drunk.

But no-brainers of the world still insist upon doing both…and fight for their right to do so….


Eveybody knows drinking and driving is a no-no. Now, a national safety group wants to get us to look at using cell phones while driving in the same way.

The National Safety Council is calling for a total ban on cell phone use while driving. And the council wants the ban to include the use of hands-free attachments.

Ninety percent of the nation's 300 million residents have cell phone accounts, CTIA says.

Ninety percent of the nation’s 300 million residents have cell phone accounts, CTIA says.

It’s the first time the group has taken such a position. The council’s head, Janet Froetscher, says using a cell phone behind the wheel makes the risk of having a crash four times greater than for those who don’t call and drive.

She says people have gotten used to the idea of taking the car keys away from those who have been drinking and it’s now “time to take the cell phone away.”

No state currently bans all cell phone use while driving. However, six states and the District of Columbia forbid the use of hand-held cell phones behind the wheel.

On the Net:
National Safety Council site:–driving.aspx

CTIA-The Wireless Association site:

One Response to “Total Cell Phone Ban in Cars?”

  1. working writing woman Says:

    Hooray. It’s about time. Drivers on cell phones have been a menace to us all long enough.
    i live in a state ( New Jersey – where our governor was nearly killed himself when his official driver was TEXTING while going 90mph on the Garden State Parkway. ) I’m here to tell you that the handheld phone ban is a JOKE.
    I sit at traffic lights and watch the drivers coming at me… close to 1/2 of them are either talking to themselves or someone on the phone… and at LEAST 1/2 of them are still holding the phone.
    NJ put some teeth in it’s handheld cell phone ban law about a year ago, by allowing the cops to stop someone specifically for this violation, as opposed to only incidental to another violation. But distracted driving persists.
    Pedestrian/vehicle accidents are up by something like 200% in the town where I live… you literally take your life in your hands entering a crosswalk.
    just today I watched the car in front of me barrel past a Public Service work crew detour well marked with cop car with spinning lights, oragne cones and derour signs galore.
    I’d bet my last dollar that driver was on a handheld phone when the waving, stomping cop finally stopped the huge SUV!
    I say BRAVO NSC.

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