Israel Seriously Injured Itself During Gaza: “Is this the Israel you want to be?”

“Your action is brutal and you don’t realize how much damage this is causing you in the world. This is not only short term. It’s damage for years. Is this the Israel you want to be?”

That quote is from an Ambassador to Israel from a nation in Europe.

The blood letting in Gaza has been horrific to watch.  And anti-Israel groups across the globe have responded with massive protests that have highlighted the Israeli brutality and apparent wanton killing of civilians and children.

And Hamas has been calling the shots: keeping Israel at its deadly work for days by lobbing one rocket at a time into Israel.

Most Hamas rockets landed harmlessly in Israel.

But the Lion was provoked and felt justified in continuing the carnage of the Palestinian people.

Now Hamas continues to control the game.  It is Hamas who has world opinion on its side and can decide when and how to end the conflict for the most part….

Unless Israel kills Hamas off, as Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu suggests.

But this will mean more days of bloodshed and ugly media reports.

Isreal, many will say, has lost this media war — just as many claimed Israel lost the fight against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

It seems now that Hamas will survive, while Iran and others in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere will be emboldened.

And the new President-elect in Washington DC has his first lesson in Israeli relations.

John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Gaza Operation Caused Long Term Harm To Israel’s Reputation

 Unable To Stop Hamas Arms, Some Israelis Say “End Hamas”
Red Cross says Gaza humanitarian situation ’shocking’

Gaza Death Toll Over 1,000

“The effect of war is more dangerous than war… sowing seeds of extremism and terror around the region,” Syrian President Assad said in an exclusive BBC interview.

Time Magazine reported on the media implications of Gaza:
“…the press has once again found itself caught in a different kind of cross fire: the propaganda battle, across all media platforms, between Israel and Hamas (and the supporters of each) for international sympathy. ”,859

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