Pakistan Auditions For “New Start” in U.S. Policy, Funding From President Obama on CNN

Pakistan has been the staunchest ally of the United States in the war against terror, President George W. Bush often told us, to say nothing of Vice President Cheney’s unprecidented support for the South Asian nuclear power.

Yet Pakistan was never able to find in itself the courage to pick one side or the other: democracy and the United States or Islam and the Taliban.  Anti-terror or terror.

Because Pakistan refused for most of the Bush Administration to use its army to root out the Taliban and al-Qaeda (maybe even Osama bin Laden himself) from the tribal areas near Afganistan, the U.S. started raining down death on terror leaders iside Pakistan from predator drones armed with missiles.

Countless terror leaders were killed.

An unmanned Predator drone. A suspected US missile strike Friday ... 
An unmanned Predator drone. A suspected US missile strike Friday killed at least three foreign militants in the northwest Pakistan stronghold of a local Taliban commander, a senior security official said.(AFP/File/US Air Force)

Pakistan was torn further internally by its number one ally and benefactor, the U.S., ignoring preas from its government to stop violating its sovereign borders — from the air.  Pakistan even mustered its Air Force to the tribal areas in attempts to find and destroy the U.S. drones — with little consequence.

Now Pakistan has a new Government headed by Mr. Zardari and Mr. Gilani.  Musharraf is out.  And India along with much of the world believes that Pakistan had some hand in the terror attack in Mumbai.

Re-enter Musharraf:

“Pakistan is being treated so unequally while we are the ones who are in the lead role fighting the global war on terror,” said Pervez Musharraf, interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for “The Situation Room.”

“This is what hurts Pakistan. It hurts the leadership. Indeed, it hurts the government. It hurts the people of Pakistan,” said Musharraf, speaking from Dallas, Texas, during a book tour in the United States.

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf says anti-American sentiment in Pakistan is high.

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf says anti-American sentiment in Pakistan is high.

“Nobody in Pakistan is comfortable with the strikes across the border. There is no doubt in that. Public opinion is very much against it,” he said. “But as far as this issue of the new president — President Obama having taken over and this continuing — but I have always been saying that policies don’t change with personalities; policies have national interest, and policies depend on an environment.

“So the environment and national interest of the United States being the same, I thought policies will remain constant,” he said.

Musharraf seems to be making a plea to President Obama, who has claimed a “new way” in the Middle East and with Iran, that Pakistan too deserves a new lease on life — and American wealth in the form of aid and assistance; of which Musharraf has been one of the number one beneficiaries in the past….


4 Responses to “Pakistan Auditions For “New Start” in U.S. Policy, Funding From President Obama on CNN”

  1. security companies in chennai Says:

    Pakistan is treeorist of the country. Taliban and al-Qaeda the dangerous party. Obama tell all terrorist of person arrested. no talk Pakistan coing to us army. the good of the talk obama. the security of world.

  2. neel123 Says:

    Pakistan has been double crossing the US for a long time.
    Its strategy is clear, to milk the US of billions, as long as possible, through sweet talk and black mail, which ever works at any point of time.
    Wrost comes to worst, they will quitely swich to China’s side, and wrok full time against the US.
    Smart thinking by these slippery Pakis !

  3. trjus Says:

    Another gambit generated to get $$ from the US.

  4. Jabbar231 Says:

    Not sure I ever heard such a bunch of whining and rubbish in my entire life. Let me get this straight. Is Musharraf saying that if someone had plotted and carried out a massive bombing in Islamabad, killing thousands, and threatened to do even more damage to his country, and if said person was hiding in the Appalachian mountains in the USA and the US was unable or unwilling to find him…. that Pakistan would stand for that?? On top of that, if we then received billions of dollars from Pakistan to find him and we STILL failed to do so, that Pakistan would not be justified in trying to take him out their own way? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! And to top it off, coming from a non-democratically-elected despot…. the guy should be run out of Dodge, not promoting a book tour for heaven’s sake.

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