BBC In Hot Water; Accused Of Not Helping Victims

In Gaza, the BBC claims it is trying not to become a part of the story.  But the media is so a part of many stories these days that the BBC is finding it hard to stay a news vehicle with impartiality as a sacred goal.

Charities have developed a video seeking donations that will benefit, almost entirely, Gazans suffering after the Israeli Defense Force action that started in December.

The corporation has resisted pressure to follow rival channels ITV, Channel 4 and Five who are to show the DEC film in Britain and around the world..

DEC stands for Disasters Emergency Committee, which includes the British Red Cross, Oxfam, Save the Children and 10 other charities.

Several British ministers and the Archbishop of York have urged the BBC to air the appeal. But Britain’s Culture Secretary Andy Burnham says the BBC has a tough call to make and has to live with its own decisions.

Protestors supporting DEC mobbed the BBC in London on Sunday.

Protesters demonstrate in London against the BBC. The BBC is ... 
Protesters demonstrate in London against the BBC. The BBC is facing more pressure to broadcast a charity appeal for funds for people in Gaza, as the Archbishop of Canterbury joins the row and more than 50 MPs sign a motion condemning the move.(AFP/Frantzesco Kangaris)

The BBC says it will not air the video to preserve its impartiality.  But Gazan and others that favor Hamas are now attacking the BBC as a pro-Israel network.

The BBC was already in trouble in Iran for “illegal activities.”  There, the Iranian government closed the BBC Persian network for reasons that remain unclear.   But news analysts say the BBC has not done enough to highlight the plight of the Gazans killed and injured by the Israeli attack, in Iran’s view….


Iran Shuts BBC Persian After Network Critical of Cowardice Among Hamas

BBC Report:

2 Responses to “BBC In Hot Water; Accused Of Not Helping Victims”

  1. Sky News joins BBC in not broadcasting Gaza aid appeal « Peace and Freedom Global Future Says:

    […] BBC In Hot Water; Accused Of Not Helping Victims […]

  2. Stela Yordanova Says:

    Find out more about British Red Cross work in Gaza at
    or to donate to our appeal go to

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