BBC Insists It Is Not The “Barack Broadcasting Channel”

News media have found rough waters in the sea of impartiality lately.

Swept up into the tidal wave of pro-Obama news, some channels, networks and news organizations were criticized as too pro-Obama.

In the United States, more than a few pundits took aim at MSNBC for its pro-Obama bias.

In Israel, it is Channel 10 taking the heat as the “Obama Channel” after it aired the American President’s inauguration Tuesday while Israel troops were on the move.

But in the London media, the venerated BBC took a few hits which caused the media giant to reassert its impartiality in all things.

BBC logo

The result of that impartial rigor was seen today from another media mobilizing tidal wave: the Pro-Hamas and anti-Israel faction.

Today the BBC was surrounded by protestors trying to convince the BBC to air a charity video for those harmed or killed in the fighting in Gaza with Israel.

The “BEEB” says it still refuses to show the film and will try to remain unbiased….


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BBC Report:


2 Responses to “BBC Insists It Is Not The “Barack Broadcasting Channel””

  1. North Says:

    BBC – maintain your stand. Do not sway to pressure to broadcast what you believed will so-called advertisement indisguise. If you do that the backlash will be even worse. It is not money that the Palestine need – they have plenty. They need a strong and balanced government. Not one that hid in crisis behind women’s skirt and children bed. The broadcast is just a trojan horse.

  2. Sky News joins BBC in not broadcasting Gaza aid appeal « Peace and Freedom Global Future Says:

    […]  BBC Insists It Is Not The “Barack Broadcasting Channel” Related: […]

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