Obama Reaches Out to Muslims, Republicans “Neither are All Terrorists”

In a clear effort to show the world that there is a difference between terrorists and Muslims and Republicans, President Obama is on a media blitz that is not to be out done by Rod Blagojevich.

“I have Muslims in my family.  Maybe even a Republican….”


O.K., don’t take this TOO seriously, but seriously enough.

The White House proudly discussed the President’s “outreach” to Al-Arabiya satellite television network.  The effort is meant to show Muslims that America knows not all are terrorists and America embraces Muslims just like other peoples from around the globe.

Almost in the same breath, White House media advisors said the president would be “reaching out” to Republicans on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

A friend at the staunchly Republican Heritage Foundation told us, “Well, we are pleased the President realizes we are not all terrorists…”

President Obama’s outreach to both Republics and and Muslims are serious efforts though not tied into one program.

“We know Republicans are not bad people,” a White House friend said.

When the president visits the capitol today he’ll meet separately with House and Senate Republicans.  Democrats will not be allowed in those meetings.

The White House said the president is seeking Republican input and urging bipartisanship.

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