What’s Wrong With the Obama Economic Stimulus?

Our system has broken down.  We are about to pass the largest single spending bill ever because we are in love and we have fear; not because we have debated the bill on its merits and we think it will work.

Most of us don’t know anything about the Obama economic stimulus.  It is not on the Internet and few real in-depth reviews have been conducted.

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We do know that the President is stressing the need for speed in passing the bill and that many others say “why the rush?”

Whenever someone tells me to go faster and I have few facts I balk.

We also know that the mainstream media can’t get a lot more information about the stimulus than the rest of us because the stimulus has been largely crafted by Nancy Pelosi’s people largely in secret — despite all the talk about bipartisanship and transparency.

And the bill is so big few single individuals will ever understand it.

The same “Obama Swoon” that has much of the media in love has also been seen among the few remaining Republicans….

So our American system has broken down.  Love and fear can do that.

We don’t know if the stimulus bill will really stimulate a lot of jobs.  Many experts say they aren’t sure or the stimulus won’t make a lot of jobs.

And many experts are saying the stimulus money won’t get into the economy for one year to 18 months….

My problem is this: there seems to be a big disagreement on the kind of jobs we Americans want or need.  Are the jobs the stimulus hopes it make (if it makes any) long-term, well paid, jobs of the future?  Or if the stimulus makes me a job will I need a shouvel and have to give up any hope of worker compensation and health care as part of that job?

Will my next job only work if I shut down my brain, overuse my back and rely on Uncle Sam for health care and a bunch of other stuff jobs used to provide….

Seems we are rushing into an “economic stimulus” with a lot of unanswered questions….

John E. Carey
Wakefield Chapel, Virginia

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