President, CNN Take the Rush Limbaugh Bait (Pork Chop)

Congratulations to Campbell Brown for her criticism of Rush Lumbaugh for his “histrionics and name calling.”

On the other hand, it should come has no surprise, histrionics and name calling is what Rush Limbaugh does.

So a big-time TV talking head taking issue with a radio entertainer’s manners reminds me of my sixth grade teacher.

Rush Limbaugh has a right, a paycheck and an audience to do exactly what he is doing.

Limbaugh even said, “I hope the president fails.”  Democrats responded with an on line petition against Limbaugh and the president himself urged Republican lawmakers not to listen to Limbaugh.

Many of us would never have noticed but then the president called our attention to Rush Limbaugh.

I listen to the president but not usually to Rush.
When the President of the United States stoops to the level of engaging a radio personality, he demeans his own office and raises the radio guy into a loftier position.  And he draws attention to the very guy he apparently doesn’t want to hear.

And the POTUS, in this case, was really showing us what?  He fears Limbaugh?  Limbaugh’s message?  His listeners? The president  does’t like criticism?  He is against free speech? 

So now, from the Oval Office, we can expect the president to attack mega-church preachers he doesn’t like?  What then?

Chalk this up as a lesson learned in the early going of a new administration.  President Obama made a mistake by even speaking about Rush Limbaugh who is best left ignored.

And Dear Campbell; you fell into the same trap.  Or sty.

Isn’t there a saying about, “If you get into the mud with pigs, only the pigs end up happy?”

“Rush Limbaugh does what he does and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t,”  said David Drucker, of Roll Call.

CNN On Rush:

Rush on the economy:
 More Ideas on Stimulus, Bipartisanship from Rush Limbaugh in the Wall Street Journal

 White House, Limbaugh Show Blurring Media and Government


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