Obama “Losing Stimulus”

“President Obama is losing the economic stimulus bill,” said Chris Wallace of Fox News on Tuesday morning.

“The White House asked me and several other journalists to interview the president on this,” said Wallace, calling President Obama the “Communicator in Chief.”

Wallace said something like 54% of Americans now want the stimulus plan scrapped or changed in major ways.

On transparency and ethics, Wallace said, the president is also in trouble.

“Tim Geitner got a pass for not paying his taxes,” Wallace said, “but a lot of people now have serious concerns” about Tom Daschle, the president’s nominee as HHS Secretary.

Obama Nominee Withdraws Over Unpaid Taxes; Pressure Builds on Daschle To Do The Same

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 Stimulus: Republicans Helping “Remake” the Bill, Obama Plans To “Remake America” Using Stimulus Excuse

 Obama Needs to Run to the Center, the Transparent Ethical Center


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