Obama Needs to Run to the Center, the Transparent Ethical Center

“If this fails, I’ll be a one term deal,” President Obama said yesterday, referring to passage of the stimulus.
“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” said White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

But there are ways to correct the damage done in the last two weeks — the first two weeks of the Obama presidency.

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I mean, Scarlet didn’t lose Tara and the Civil War over night.

Here’s an idea for Rahm Emanuel: deal like the devil with Senate Republicans on the stimulus.  Get it done and make everyone happy.  But get it done now.

Or next time Rhett will vote for someone else.

Hey Obama: You going to let Mitch McConnell beat you?

Even the French are making fun of the “Obama Style” stimulus.

So for Obama and Emanuel: deal on the stimulus.  Then throw Daschle under the bus.

Or plan a home in Aruba for four years from now.

Daschle gives new meaning to the term “Limo Liberal.”

Former Senator Tom Daschle testifies before the Senate Health, ...

Daschle has also added to his bank account by giving talks to the very health corporations he’ll have to deal with at HHS.  He’s a time bomb.

Daschle adds nothing to the presidency any more and HHS isn’t as important as one might think.  Get some other vanilla white guy there that everyone will forget and move your agenda ahead.

Take credit for ethics.

Run to the center, man, and run to the ethical center.

Polls show the average American sees Barack today way more to the left than the Barack they voted for after he moved to the center to win last year.

Get Campbell Brown at CNN off your back on transparency — she’ll undo all the good Carville and Begela do.

And leave Rush Limbaugh alone. Attacking him worked as well as making friends with Iran so far.  They want an apology and only 11% of Americans can understand that.

Get your gang on the phone and make two words the mantra for a week or so: “ethics” and “jobs.”

Tell Beckel at Fox.  He’s a one man “conservatives nightmare.”

Then go back to “normal.”

Rush Limbaugh as “moral and intellectual leader and most influential person in the Republican Party;” REALLY?
 White House, ABC News, Media Talking Heads In Daily Conference Call?
 Barack Obama: Credibility Lost?

Michelle Malkin:

 Stimulus: Republicans Helping “Remake” the Bill, Obama Plans To “Remake America” Using Stimulus Excuse


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