Flaws of Stimulus More Obvious Each Day

The U.S. Senate is doing the nation a valuable service.

The legislative body is actually reading through the stimulus package passed by the House and looking for ways to make it better.
Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) said today, “It doesn’t treat the disease; just the symptoms.” 

He’s a doctor.

Coburn also said of the stimulus bill, “I don’t think the president has read it.”

Coburn said the stimulus will probably pass “but it won’t work, it won’t be successful.”

Democrats tried to add another $24 Billion to the Senate stimulus plan last night — an effort that was rejected.

President Barack Obama says the recession will turn into a “catastrophe” if the economic stimulus is not passed quickly.  Almost daily since his inauguration he has tried to speed the process.

Fast legislation, in my experience, is almost always bad law: which is what Senator Coburn said.

But President Obama urged members of Congress “to act without delay” while also promising to “work to make it stronger.”

Now some 43% of the voters say the stimulus is wrong; and only 37% of those polled like it.

The Senate is proving that our American system works; but it does take some time….

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3 Responses to “Flaws of Stimulus More Obvious Each Day”

  1. smellytourist Says:

    The Senate will prove our system works when they vote against it.

  2. michael2brannigan Says:

    To say the stimulus is wrong, I would regard as an under-statement. The banks should have been left to go under. The debt in the housing market would have afforded home owners the opportunity to barter with the receivers which would have assisted in smaller interim payments and allowed the workers the opportunity to have had some spending power, which in a system based on consumption, would have aided the manufacturing base in coming out of negative growth. The fundamental problems of the American system would not have bettered, sadly, and the downturn would have manifested itself in another 5-10 years. Like the UK system and mainland Europe, America is based on the profit motive only, this always leads to wage oppression and therefore leads to a slump in consumerism and a Recession. Until the system is changed to benefit the majority and not the minority these ups and downs will always happen. It is without a doubt as an inevitable as death and taxes.

  3. smellytourist Says:

    PS: Proof the stimulus works?

    I know I already posted on this article, but I was watching CSPAN today, and I am amazed how virulently opposed the dems are to any tax reductions. I thought if we met them half-way, they’d meet us half-way?
    Is partisianship dead?

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