Russia Boosts Aid To Neighbors; Wants U.S. Base, Influence Ended

Russia is now opposing President Obama on the military front.  Russia is increasing aid to Former Soviet Union members in a sort of bribe to increase Russian influence and force out ideas of democracy and help to the U.S.  The Georgia incursion last summer was a tank spearheaded attack — this is more like a bribe…

Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev said Tuesday at a news conference in Moscow that “all due procedures” were being initiated to close Manas Air Base, the Russian news agency RIA-Novosti reported.
Today the Associated Press said Kyrgyzstan‘s government has submitted a draft bill to parliament calling for the closing of the U.S. base at Manas that is key to the military campaign in Afghanistan.
Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell on Tuesday called Manas “a hugely important air base.”

“It provides us with launching point to provide supplies in Afghanistan. We very much appreciate [Kyrgyz] support in using that base and we hope to continue,” he said.


Personnel of the U.S. airbase at Manas air base near Bishkek ... 
Personnel of the U.S. airbase at Manas air base near Bishkek stand at attention at their base, June 4, 2007.(Vladimir Pirogov/Reuters)


By Conor Sweeney and Oleg Shchedrov, Reuters

Russia offered financial support to two ex-Soviet states on Tuesday and secured military favors in return, a day after former Cold War ally Cuba secured renewed assistance from Moscow.

Despite devaluing the rouble, falling oil prices and a collapse in its domestic stock market, Moscow still offered support to three countries that will pit it against the interests of the United States.

The announcements will dampen optimistic hopes that last week’s conciliatory Davos comments on both economics and defense by powerful Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin marked a change in Moscow’s combative stance toward the West.

Kyrgyzstan’s President announced his country would shut the United States Manas military airbase near the capital Bishkek that provides what the Pentagon says is a “hugely important” logistical support for its operations in Afghanistan.

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