Senator Fighting Obama Stimulus Leaves Chamber in Disgust

We watched the U.S. Senate “debate” the economic stimulus with interst today.

We’ve been watching the House and Senate off and on since 1972.

But today, a frustrated Republican did something we had never seen before.

Senator Chuck Grassley, the Republican from Iowa, was making his case against the stimulus when he stopped, apparently out of time.

He said, as is often done according to Senate rules, “I’d like the rest of my remarks read into the record.”  Then he added as he left in disgust, “This is a missing piece of the puzzle and [barely audible] nobody cares.”

Chuck Grassley

The rare show of emotion and disillusionment was striking to us after all these years, and probably indicative of the Democratic control of the White House, the House and the Senate — and how the Republicans are feeling these days.

Grassley had made the case that more time is needed to consider the stimulus.  “We need to look before we leap,” he said.

Grassly was demoralized, it seemed to us.

The presidening officer of the Senate said, “Without objection, I’d like those last remarks removed from the record….”

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One Response to “Senator Fighting Obama Stimulus Leaves Chamber in Disgust”

  1. smellytourist Says:

    I’d be frustrated if I were witnessing brain-dead politicians destroy this country’s fabric.

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