Stimulus: President “Impatient, Combatative” Wants Air Time

President Obama is fed up.  He’s “impatient,” “frustrated” and “combatative” according to White House Press Corps members that asked questions of spokesman Robert Gibbs today.

The president has asked the networks for air time on Monday for a national address to discuss his position on the stimulus.

All the talk of bipartisanship now seems on hold.  At the Department of Energy today, the president showed what some observers called “dismay” at what the White House is calling a “failure to act” in the U.S. Senate.

Senators dipute that, saying this is the legislative process in action.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) said “This takes time.  We’re all trying to get the best stimulus bill.”

Republican and former Bush advisor Karl Rove said, “The biggest problem with this stimulus is that it just doesn’t create enough jobs.”

Rove said Obama “outsourced the creation of this bill to the House Appropriations Committee.  The problems in this bill belong to President Obama.  He made a leadership mistake.”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said, “I like President Obama but giving TV interviews is not leading.  Having lunch with people is not leading.  Scaring people is not leading.”

He said the president was “AWOL on the stimulus,” using the military term for “absent without official leave.”

Graham is a military lawyer.

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Lindsey Graham Boiling Mad:


One Response to “Stimulus: President “Impatient, Combatative” Wants Air Time”

  1. Portuguese Revolutionary Patriot- Peter Francisco Says:

    IS IT ANY WONDER THAT 7 STATES Are working on Legislation to Leave the Union & become Independent from the Federal Gov’t. More soon.

    I say CHANGE is 50 States into 50 countries in 50 days.
    What state or citizen wants to be a co-signer on the TRILLIONS of DEBT to bailout CROOKS

    defendourfreedoms. us
    FedUpUSA. org

    Mr. “obama” tear down this “dark” wall of TRANSPARENCY show America you’re a “legal” citizen. Show us your DOCUMENTS. Until than you are the PONZI PREZ Soetoro.

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