White House Demonizes Senate Republicans on Terrible Stimulus Package; Why No Senate Dems Embrace This Stimulus?

It was clear yesterday that the White House was trying to demonize Senate Republicans on their slow response to the economic stimulus.  The president himself predicted “catastrophe” if the federal economic stimulus is not passed quickly.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs seemed to carefully choose his words to paint Republicans as the the real problem here.

If the stimulus is so great why did the President of the United States have to write his own defense of the stimulus for the Washington Post?
See: President Obama Writes Why You Need the Stimulus

If the stimulus is so great why do 50% of Americans no longer think so?

And all the demonization of Republicans sounds good until you listen to Senate Democrats defend the stimulus bill.  There aren’t any.

Where’s Harry Reid?  Too busy to defend the president’s legislation as handed down by Nancy Pelosi and the House?

Senator Kent Conrad (D-NK) said today that he is making an alliance with Republicans to cut the most egregious provisions out of the stmulus.

Egregious parts of the stimulus, says a Democratic Senator.  While his president predicts castrophe if those same provisions are not passed….

There are Republicans expressing opinions on the stimulus, like McCain saying he’d rather have no stimulus bill than this one and Grassly saying we need to “look before we leap.” 
Grassley and others want more time to review the House version of the stimulus or they want a new bill all together….

President Obama keeps pressing on the gas, hoping things will go faster.

That makes Republicans ask even more, “What all is buried in here?”

Many are saying that few in the House even read through the stimulus — relying instead upon the president explaining the crisis and the spending solution.

“We’re not trying to prevent a package from passing. We’re trying to reform it,” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said.

Maybe a time out is in order….


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