‘Catastrophe’ Obama Is Angry; And We Might Be Too

“We’re not moving quickly because we’re trying to jam something down people’s throats. We’re moving quickly because if we don’t, the economy’s going to keep getting worse.”

That’s what President Barack Obama said late Thursday.

Stimulus: Obama May Need To Make a Deal

What he clearly meant to say was “We’re trying to move quickly because quick action will pay dividends not because we’re trying to jam something down people’s throats….”

If we don’t what?  Jam this down people’s throats?  The President of the United States used that turn of a phrase?  Just like he hauled “catastrophe” out of the verbal closet this week?

The great communicator is in danger of becoming Joe Biden: a guy you don’t want off the script, off the telepromter.

It won’t matter that “I won.”

The fact is that the economy will continue downward, quick action or not, if previous economic downturns are any indicator.

Everyone says that.

So, as is often the case, when an executive (or just about anyone else) is frustrated because he doesn’t completely believe the bill of goods he’s peddling, he makes mistakes with his words and gets even more angry.

This isn’t anger to make a point: the president really is angry at Republicans who are telling him the stimulus is flawed, at Daschle for being a “limo liberal,” at the economy for robbing him of the money he needs to execute his camapaign promises, at Nancy Pelosi and the House for such a shoddy piece of legislation called “the stimulus” even though the stimulative properties are minimal, at China and others for screaming “trade war” over “Buy American”- a horrendously brainless child of Pelosi,  at…well, the list goes on.

Somebody needs to tell the president: “The hits just keep on coming.”

Russia is working like the devil to close the U.S. air base that supplies Afghanistan from Kyrzykstan, in Pakistan those Afgahistan supply lines are under siege, Iran has launched a satellite into space, North Korea wants attention and threatens its own missile launch,  and the Israelis remain unhappy with Hamas.

Even Evan Thomas at Newsweek is calling Afghanistan “Obama’s Vietnam.” Already.

And Barack Obama is at a Spa showing his anger to a Democrats only audience.  No bipartisan working group there….

He should be talking turkey with Republicans and making progress on the stimulus: and that’s why Senator Lindsey Graham accused the president of being AWOL and of an inability to lead.

President Obama should be watching the film “Dave” where the President really does roll his sleeves up (and not just for the cameras) and goes through the budget line by line.

Many Senators and Congressmen have said they doubt the president read through the stimulus…

Taking more time, even a few days, to get the most appropriate and useful stimulus just might be a better idea than passing a stimulus that is a mess of pork a few days sooner.

And the president cannot be working to solve problems in the stimulus while he is at a Democrats only meeing away from Washington DC in a Spa.

This is the largest federal spending bill ever and there have been no hearings in committee.  Economists are deeply divided on the very premise of the stimulus argument.  And the bill developed by Nancy Pelosi and her House Appropriations Committee — without any Republican input — is a massive money give-away and not primarily a jobs bill.  It is a spending bill.

So the reason Barack Obama looks angry from time to time these days is this: he’s been cheated by Nancy Pelosi and the House and now he is trying to foist upon the American people something he knows and they know is not just less than perfect, its bad; but its also not as bad as Lindsey Graham thinks.

The Barack Obama of “Hope” has quickly morphed himslf into the “Catastrophe President.”

His word, not mine.

John E. Carey
Wakefield Chapel, Virginia

If this is a “catastrophe” I’d hate to see what “No Drama Obama” calls a terrorist attack using nuclear or biological weapons (God save us).  There are people out of jobs — a lot of people — but they aren’t dead.


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2 Responses to “‘Catastrophe’ Obama Is Angry; And We Might Be Too”

  1. House Says:

    This person doesn’t know, none of us do. They’re just trying to express their opinion. Making the President look bad probably makes them feel better about themselves. Need to be blaming Bush for creating this mess.

  2. Rajan Says:

    President Obama and his economic team, and even the entire political class in this country, are suffering from collective myopic vision in viewing and tackling the current economic downturn. 2009 is not 1932 but they are trying to apply 1930’s prescription to tackle the 2009 problems when the country had undergone a sea-change in its economic activities during the intervening seven decades. During the earlier era, almost everything this country’s population needed – even articles like bedspreads, towels, pillowcases, children’s clothes and toys, etc. – were manufactured within the country. Today nearly 90 per cent of the items sold in WalMart and Target stores come from China and elsewhere. Add to them all the consumer electronics, computer hardware, home furniture, etc. Any money which will be put in the hands of the general population by way of tax cuts and rebates will straightaway go into purchase of goods manufactured in other countries and will, possibly, ameliorate the economic situation in China, Mexico and other countries and certainly not here. The manufacturing jobs that had gone overseas are gone for good; they will never come back, let us have no illusions about it. No amount of exhortations, like King Canute stopping the tide from coming in, will bring them back. This country, at the prevailing per hour labor costs, cannot afford to manufacture most of the everyday items and even other more expensive durable goods within its borders any more. This applies also equally to the services sector like software development and maintenance. The American worker is, of course, more productive than his counterpart in China or India but it certainly does not compensate for the factor of 4 or 5 times increase in labor cost. As for the stimulus which is sought to be induced by building/renovating highways and by spending billions on creating other infrastructure, they may all be completed within 2-3 years from the date they are started. After that, what next? What will happen to the jobs which are now created in such shot-gun scatter-shot fashion? Are we going to tear down the roads and buildings already built and re-build them again? Or, are we going to begin building bridges to nowhere just to preserve the jobs already created?

    There should be a completely revolutionary change in the mindset of the “experts” who are now entrusted with the task of lifting the country out of the economic morass into which it has fallen. Otherwise, the trillion+ dollars of the stimulus plan will inevitably go down the drain.

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