Stimulus: Obama May Need To Make a Deal

In the Clint Eastwood movie “Kelly’s Heroes,” the good guys are trying to break into a bank held by the bad guys.  Rather than fight it out, the character played by Don Rickles says, “Make a deal.”

He is asked, “What kind of a deal?”

He answers: “A deal deal.”

Barack Obama needs to make a deal on the stimulus.

The House version of the stimulus is terrible and cannot be enacted into law — beacuase it would be very bad law not because the Republicans are in the way.

Plus a group of Senate moderates have been crafting an alternative stimulus package that just might right some of the wrongs of the House bill.

The President said, “I won.”  But his “catastrophe,” the economy and the lack of a stimulus, remains.

Now the president needs to make a deal.  A deal deal.

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One Response to “Stimulus: Obama May Need To Make a Deal”

  1. federalistblogs Says:

    Isn’t making a deal what bipartisanship is about? Make some compromises. I have always felt that the best deals leave everybody a little dissatisfied as they had to take something they did not want. It does not mean add a little pork to buy votes on both sides of the aisle, leaving the American people hung out to dry.

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