Obama: Intangibles Got Him Presidency; He Already Threw Away Most

Barack Obama seems not to know that his own intangibles got him elected President of the United States.  It wasn’t the love from black voters or former community organizers.  It wasn’t the Democratic National Committee and Howard Dean.

Obama won over the centrist, middle of the road, swing voters with bipartisanship, hope, a tone, a promise….really lots of promises.

The Intangibles won Obama the White House.

Then he threw them away.

Stimulus: “93% spending and only 7% stimulation”

Someday this will make for a great book and movie: “Intangibles Lost.”

A kind of “Lost Paradise.”

The president’s angry, partisan rant in front of an all Democrat crowd at a Spa in Virginia on Thursday showed everyone who he really is: a man that doesn’t care about The Intangibles any more.

He doesn’t need them any more.

Now he’ll just buy votes with give aways like all the pork in the stimulus.

People will love him because he gives them hand outs.  Ask just about any Governor or Mayor: to them the stimulus looks great.  Free money.

But the stimulus isn’t free money any more than Intangibles and bipartisanship are worthless and unnecessary in politics.

They are the coin of the realm.


Pelosi Calls Bipartisanship Unnecessary

Obama Teasing Gets McCain Snide Response



2 Responses to “Obama: Intangibles Got Him Presidency; He Already Threw Away Most”

  1. Cecil Jones Says:

    Don’t you just love the Democrats? Nancy Pelosi is a wonderful speaker. She wants to protect and defend the little people and it’s Christmas for her. Senate Leader Harry Reid is a great leader too. He wants everyone to be his friend and the position sometimes calls for ruthlessness. Making friends is highly over-rated. I’d settle for just a drink and a smile now and then. Now President Obama is hard to tell. He won the election and he is not outwardly one to take revenge. He has drifted down a dangerous path using bad word selections like “Childish Things” and “Petty Grievances.” Obama is starting to adopt “Bush-like” traits. Trickle down economics and shutting out the Left from all debate. That’s not change. That’s a recipe for a Republican Landslide.

  2. goodtimepolitics Says:

    And not only that he did the unthinkable when he stopped the trial of terrorist al-nashiri that murder American military men.

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