This Stimulus Probably Won’t Create Jobs; But Will Make For More Debt

 There is absolutely no long-term economic evidence that higher government spending creates jobs.

By Brian Wesbury
The American Spectator

So, this raises a serious question. Why is the government trying the same old spending stimulus that the evidence clearly shows does not work? President Carter spent billions of dollars on alternative energy plans, but unemployment rose anyway. If the U.S.  and the new administration are serious about “change” and “getting rid of the old ways of doing things,” why not try something truly new?

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One Response to “This Stimulus Probably Won’t Create Jobs; But Will Make For More Debt”

  1. djcnor Says:

    Actually, there is. If you check the full range of information on FDR’s programs, you’ll find that the prevailing opinion, yes, even among modern economists, is that they did create jobs.

    Anytime that governments spends money to get much needed work done, work that pays off for decades like the work FDR commissioned (rural electrification, national parks, infrastructure upgrade), it contracts that work out to the greater economy. Those companies and their employees also buy their materials and spend their paychecks in the greater economy, thus multiplying the stimulus, the jobs created, and those folks spend the same moeny a third time. The more hands it goes through, the greater the stimulus.

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