Obama Halts Troop Surge to Afghanistan

There has been some unease in defense and foreign policy circles about the U.S. plan to add 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan.  What exactly is our plan and how do we get out?  Add to that the fact that supply lines are tenuous from Pakistan and Russia has managed to cut off a U.S. base in Kyrgyzstan.

“Nobody can say the war in Afghanistan has gone well,” said Richard Holbrooke, President Obama’s special envoy to the region.

Now a U.S. rethinking of U.S. policy toward Afganistan is underway.

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PRESIDENT Barack Obama has demanded that American defence chiefs review their strategy in Afghanistan before going ahead with a troop surge.

There is concern among senior Democrats that the military is preparing to send up to 30,000 extra troops without a coherent plan or exit strategy.

The Times (UK)

The Pentagon was set to announce the deployment of 17,000 extra soldiers and marines last week but Robert Gates, the defence secretary, postponed the decision after questions from Obama.

The president was concerned by a lack of strategy at his first meeting with Gates and the US joint chiefs of staff last month in “the tank”, the secure conference room in the Pentagon. He asked: “What’s the endgame?” and did not receive a convincing answer.

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One Response to “Obama Halts Troop Surge to Afghanistan”

  1. towp Says:

    Duh the endgame is ‘Win”, Oh I forgot Demospeak endgame=run like a little boy

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