Bling Fling Stimulus and Obama Faces Questions With: Answers?

The stimulus is a “bling fling” of tossing around the goodies for the sake of pleasure.

But what do we get for sure?  Debt and spending.


The experts can’t agree on the rest.  Some say it will create a million jobs.  Some say 4 million.  Some say in two years.  Some say four.

Some say its temporary.  Some say it is purely an effort to make communities and people dependent upon the public trough.

And the media has been fawning over Barack Obama for many months.

Obama’s “positive” rating is now some 67%.  The stimulus?  Only half the voters like it.

Given all of this, will the right questions be asked by the media tonight?  Probably not.  But Politico’s Jon Martin did a great job explaining what the questions should be.

If I was a Republican lawmaker I’d vote against the stimulus.  If I was a Democrat I’d go with the president.  And hope.

But as a Democrat in the Senate I’d know this stimulus package is a terrible piece of pork foisted upon the Senate by Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats in the House.

Jon Martin, Politico:

The stimulus is a PorkFest:

Economic journalist Stuart Varney said today on Fox News, “The stimulus was dishonestly presented to the public.  It is all spending and little stimulus. It is mostly pork and Congressional leaders have not been honest about that at all.”

Pelosi, Reid “Failed;” Honest Democrat Their Worst Nightmare


Risks To Republicans and Democrats on Stimulus

The risks for Obama are considerable. He and the Democrats will have no one else to blame if the package fails to boost the economy. Obama himself has said his first term can be judged on whether it succeeds, whether it creates or saves the 3 million to 4 million jobs he promises. 

And if the economy fails to show marked signs of improvement — a possibility indeed — Republicans will have a megabillion-dollar “I told you so” in their pockets, just in time for the 2010 midterm elections and Obama’s own reelection bid in 2012. 

Read the rest:

My number one question for all voters who watch the president tonight: does this look like a campaign or a man honestly defending the best possible economic jump start?

Number two question: Is the media digging for the truth?

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2 Responses to “Bling Fling Stimulus and Obama Faces Questions With: Answers?”

  1. smellytourist Says:

    The stimulus is an awful idea, but the Republican’s ticket to 2010 and beyond.

  2. towp Says:

    I think your second question is probably as important–is the media digging for the truth or as important will they dig wherever they have to to find the truth

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