Federal Government Takes Over American Life

Your doctor will have to do things the fed’s way.

Wall Street money makers can’t get big bonuses unless the fed agrees.

The Census will be run from the White House so that the party in power and the fed can redraw congressional districts.

Pork spending?  A leading lawmaker isn’t ashamed of his role because he says nobody cares.
Schumer Says Americans Don’t Care About Pork Spending

Which means he doesn’t care about us.

This sounds like a bad novel.  A nightmare.  Orwell’s 1984?


Obama’s 2009.

So now we know the answer to Senator Arlen Specter’s question “Why the rush?”

Specter says, “We have not followed regular congressional order on the stimulus….Now we need clarification on just where the government will meddle….”

Senator Chuck Grassley asked this week, “Aren’t we going to look before we leap?”

The answer is no.

This morning on the Fox News Channel it was obvious that neither Republicans or Democrats had the slightest idea of the line items in the stimulus.  And they vote today.

Our government is broken down …. and being hijacked….

Time’s up.  Barack says so.


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3 Responses to “Federal Government Takes Over American Life”

  1. Patrick Sperry Says:

    What goes up, darn well better stay up! By that I mean that so many of us bloggers warned people that these things would happen. Guess what? Now they are…

  2. benjaminvallen1 Says:

    Too true. I’m currently writing a book about a totally communist America where in 2031 the people are fed up and a new revolution begins.

  3. Michael Ray Says:

    Everyone should contact every Senator and Congressman and demand the 10% penalty for early withdrawal of fund from 401K, IRA and other retirement accounts be abolished. It’s OUR money and should not be penalized. Eliminate the capital gains tax on distributions during a recession.

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