Obama Demonizes Republicans; Forces Action On Stimulus

“We’ve had a good debate. Now it’s time to act,” Obama said Monday night.

That’s the same as saying, “I run the clock and the clock has run out.”

Who says he runs the clock?  Isn’t there time to get a better stimulus?

“What I won’t do is return to the failed theories of the last eight years that got us into this fix in the first place, because those theories have been tested and they have failed.”

That means bipartisanship is dead.  The president has said Republicans and George Bush got us into this so there is no need to listen to those turnips now.

The New York Times lead editorial said today, “There is a decent deal to be had in negotiations.”

I don’t want a “decent” biggest spending of debt in the history of the nation.  I want a good one.  Pardon me for believing “We can.”

“I can’t afford to see Congress play the same political games.”

Who gave the president the authority to change the legislative process? He’s saying the voters did, I guess.  And because, I guess, he thinks he is way brighter than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and other Democrats, he is now in charge of clock and procedure.

And voters love him so all this is O.K.

We can do a lot better on the stimulus.

Now I’ll be labeled a Republican idealist.  How unAmerican.  Let the demonization begin.

The bottom line of the twisted news conference last night is this.

You obviously love me; because you elected me.

You obviously know the Republicans are fools: just look at Bush.

People are hurting, I have the solution, time is up.

It’s not perfect.

Well, the problem is it is perfectly aweful.

And the New York Times also gave an ominous warning: 

Odds are unfortunately high that even an $800 billion stimulus package will fall short of what’s needed to combat today’s downturn, and that more will be needed later. When the Obama administration asks for more, it will need to be able to make a compelling case that the first round was the best it could possibly be. It’s certainly not there yet.

Stimulus: A long way from the best it could possibly be

Obama rebukes Republican attempts to whittle down stimulus bill


White House News Conference:


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