Obama: No Vision as Foundation to Spending; Except Maybe Socialism

This might be all there is.  There is no vision.  There is no bipartisanship.  There is no “Hope” for the best America can be: there is only pork crammed down some throats in hopes that other throats will crow.  And reelect him.

There is Schurmer saying Americans don’t care:
Schumer Says Americans Don’t Care About Pork Spending

Schumer was only a mirror for Barack’s honesty: there is no new intellectual vision here; no real “hope,” as some expected.

Too bad.  On Day One this President had the entire country behind him and a huge crowd on the Mall in a worship-like mood.  There were Messiah jokes and true believers.

Now there is only the right and the left, the Democrats and Republicans, the haves and the have-nots.

This is now a president of implementing old Democratic ideas about income redistribution; and there is no real “vision,” as I was seeking on Inauguration Day.

There is no “New Deal,” no “Great Society,” no JFK urging us onward to the moon.

No Lincoln.

There is only more government.

In a famous movie line, a girl says, “You had me at hello.”

I was hoping on Inauguration Day that Obama would turn everyone who voted for McCain into an Obama believer. He’d have them at hello.

But he didn’t.  He wouldn’t.  He couldn’t spin that great a lie because he knew what his task ahead would entail. He knew the plan.

So now, with the Wall Street Journal carrying a headline that we may be facing a “Lost Decade,” and the Financial Times asking “Has the Obama Presidency Already Failed?” we are doing what? 
Now we are adding a mountain of debt without any sure knowledge that “it’ll work.” — No intellectual underpinning and no vision.

Instead of FDR’s “day of infamy” and “nothing to fear but fear itself”” we have Obama’s “catastrophe” now repeated over and over.

The president said Monday night,  “the federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back into life.”

Now we’re using “federal government” and my life too closely in the same sentence.

We are as far away from “Government is the problem” of the Ronald Reagan days as we can get.  Now I cannot survive this catastrophe without government.

I’d rather be on the Titanic.  At least I’d have a chance at a life boat.


From my Inauguration Day posting:

My expectations for Barack Obama starting on this Inauguration Day could not be higher.

He’s a gifted public orator with a huge election win under his belt and “political capital” like few ever before him.  As the throng on the mall this morning shows, people from all over America love this man and expect greatness from him.

He has to deliver.

He has to change the nation’s course and perhaps that of the world.

I want to hear his real vision.  Not rhetoric.  I want to hear a master plan from a Harvard educated black man that has risen as high as any American can go.

I want to hear “We Americans are no longer the land of pork barrel spending, party divisions, racial strife and discord.  We will meet any challenge, climb any mountain….”

He needs to state a vision that is more than “hope” and less than a blueprint.  He needs to make me think all the talk in Congress on “infrastructure” in the stimulus is just a bunch of pigs talking pork.  I want President Obama to say, “Listen up.  There is a new law in town and in America and in the world…..”

(This was published on Inauguration Day)
Obama: Nation’s Hopes Never Higher, Times Seldom Tougher, Give Us Your Highest Vision


Today from Michael Gerson:

Obama: Pragmatism Without Vision

Has Barack Obama’s presidency already failed?

Dems Already Have Excuses for Economic Failure

Obama Redistribution of Wealth In High Gear

Stimulus Makes Sure Feds Watch Your Doctor’s Medical Solutions For You


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