Obama: Outreach, Stimulus Shows Weakness on International Stage

What is an international bully supposed to make of Barack Obama and his new and improved America of “hope”?

They must just love Mr. Obama and see weakness abounding.

Obama can’t wait to get out of Iraq and Gitmo.  His oft spoken ideas to ramp up military forces in Afghanistan have already slowed or gone on hold due to “studies.”  Russia has forced closure of a key airbase vital to American supplies.  And U.S. and NATO  supply lines are under assault in Pakistan.

Iran is delighted to see a new president reaching out to the Muslim world and has already demanded an American apologia for crimes committed by the U.S. since the fall of the Shah.

And Isreal is so frightened that its voters will probably end up with a far-right leaning coalition.

China’s president phoned Obama and during that very first call urged the new president to forget about the brainless “Buy American” provision in the Democrats stimulus bill.

And most of all, on the international stage, leaders see Mr. Obama as a person of great talk but little action.  His “outreach” to Republicans consisted of one cocktail party, a Super Bowl TV evening, and some nice sounding words.  He never really sat with Republicans and made any deals.

And now the president seems to have closed the door on bipartisanship.  He says the clock has run out.

I’ll just bet in Moscow and Tehran and Beijing and other places, top leaders are saying, this guy will be easy and we control the clock.

And the American economy and president’s inability to set the ship right must transmit a strong signal of a weakened and diminished America.

What other conclusion would you expect?



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