Health Care: Totally Fair, Equal and Socialists is Good, Right?

If health care modernization was easy, Hillary Clinton would have solved our problems some sixteen years ago.  Now she is at the State Department with only monor issues to deal with: China, Russia, North Korea, the Middle East, Afghanistan and other small fry….. Of course she has help from George Mitchell, Susan Rice and Richard Holbrooke.  Even Henry Kissinger will lend a hand.

But health care remains and now without Tom Daschle.

Here is the latest from health care in Britain:


Patients suffering from the same illness in the same hospital ward could get different drugs under a new top-up scheme, a senior health official admitted yesterday.

By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor
Telegraph (UK)

Guidance adopted last year means patients can choose to pay for drugs not provided by the NHS without losing their entitlement to have the rest of their care on the NHS.

It led to fears of a two-tier NHS where those who can afford to pay get better treatment, although the Government has always denied that this will occur.

Dr Peter Carter, the chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, has previously said: “We do not want to face a situation where two patients in neighbouring beds can be offered different menus of treatment, based solely on their ability to pay.”

However, Una O’Brien, the director of policy and strategy for the Department of Health, admitted to MPs that there was a theoretical chance this could happen.

It is believed to be the first time an official has made such and admission.

When asked by Kevin Baron, the chairman of the Commons health select committee whether patients on the same ward could receive different drugs based on their ability to pay, Ms O’Brien said: “I think it is a theoretical possibility but I would stress that the thrust of the policy overall is to reduce the circumstances in which that would ever arise.”

Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, ordered a review of top-ups following a public outcry over the case of Linda O’Boyle, 64, from Essex, who died last year after being told that she was no longer eligible for free NHS care because she had purchased an expensive bowel cancer drug privately.

The Government subsequently announced that patients who choose to buy drugs deemed too expensive for the NHS would no longer lose their right to free health service care.

Prof Mike Richards, who led the Government review, said that when a cancer patient chooses to buy a drug not available on the NHS it should be administered separately from their NHS care.

Read the rest:


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