Economic Situation Demands Nation, Politics With War Mindset

Have you grown tired of sophomoric and moronic politics as usual?  Earmarks without reason and without end?  The economy is in a shambles and we are at a point not unlike December 8, 1941.  We are in an economic war — a war for America and Americans.  We are also in a shooting and death war in Iraq, Afghanistan and, without too much provocation, more real combat could be upon us at a moments notice: just pay attention to North Korea, Iran, China, Russia and others….

We Americans deserve more and we need better from our leaders….

Now is the time to write or call your elected representatives….


Economically, this is the big one. This is August 1914. This is the morning after Pearl Harbor. This is 9/12. Yet, in too many ways, we seem to be playing politics as usual.

By Tom Friedman
The New York Times



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