Thowing Money Around Isn’t Always the Cure

Is it just me or is there some irony in the air when Congress complains about bad performance after so much money is spent by corporations like AIG: even when there is lots of bad performance to behold in the congress itself despite the money being thrown around — and the self enacted pay raises.

Auto industry executives with jets are bad.  Nancy Pelosi: O.K.?

It seems like Team Obama has decided that money wasted by the Defense Department, AIG , GM and banks is really the height of evil; but for every single part of the federal budget they want to pour money into they only seem ready to pay lip service to better money management and offer larger government to help solve the problem.

Even though Barack Obama allowed Nancy Pelosi and her crowd to draft the stimulus package and has thrown them the red meat of the health care overhaul bill to draft, some nameless White House team will come up with a grand strategy to spend billions on education.  Never mind that just about every federal billion dollar effort for schools has almost always benefitted teachers and staff more than students…..


By Jay Mathews
The Washington Post

I doubt we will get much school improvement out of the roughly $100 billion in stimulus funds the Obama administration is about to spend on education. The windfall will save the jobs of many hardworking educators, which is good, but we already know that dumping big pots of money on schools tends to help adults more than kids.

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My friend that is a health care professional sees people that need “care” for one hour and then fills out paperwork for another 2 hours.  Why?  To satisfy government and insurance requirements.  A doctor I know already gave up his profession — it is too hard and he spends too much time on the computer and with paperwork, far too little on health care, and he just doesn’t make enough money.  Undoubtedly, Obama’s huge change promised for health care will make this problem worse but not to worry: we’ll pay even more to put all this work into computers!

Not enough care and not enough health!  Just visit a hospital or nursing home: health, care and money in conflict all over the place.  And more money doesn’t make for more “care.”

Or “health.”

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