Obama White House Issues “Lamest” Confidence Statement Ever for Geithner

  President Barack Obama has “complete confidence” in Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and any suggestion he bungled over the AIG bonuses storm is “unfair” the White House said Tuesday.

That according to AFP.A twenty eight word article.

My years in government tell me this: Geithner: pack your desk.

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) said the administration is in “disarray.” 

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer wants the AIG bonus money back.

“My colleagues and I are sending a letter to [AIG CEO Edward] Liddy informing him that he can go right ahead and tell the employees that are scheduled to get bonuses that they should voluntarily return them,” Sen. Charles Schumer said on the Senate floor. “Because if they don’t, we plan to tax virtually all of [the money] … so it is returned to its rightful owners, the taxpayers.”

We have been told that “a big hunk” of the bonus money was paid by AIG to people that are not Americans and not subject to U.S. tax law….

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Fox News:



By PHILLIP ELLIOT, Associated Press Writer

The top Republican on the Senate Banking Committee is questioning whether Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner responded appropriately to American Insurance Group’s payment of millions in executive bonuses.

Sen. Richard Shelby says that $165 million in bonuses have already been paid out by AIG and asks, “Will we ever get the money back.”

The Alabama Republican, interviewed Tuesday on CBS’s “The Early Show,” stopped short of calling for Geithner’s resignation. But he did say: “What I want to ask, where was the secretary of the Treasury? Where was Treasury before this money was paid out? Why did not Treasury step in and let the American people know, just try to block it.”

Read the rest:

 Obama: Fire Geithner


One Response to “Obama White House Issues “Lamest” Confidence Statement Ever for Geithner”

  1. Jax Says:

    FALLOUT GROWS: Those who voted for the stimulus supported the clause to protect the AIG’s bonuses. Obama’s Own Stimulus Bill Protects the AIG Bonuses He Now Condemns —


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