Obama: Look the other way but spend more faster

Yesterday during the AIG flap he was all about being Irish.  Next he”ll be talking with Jay Leno — instead of asking Chris Dodd and Tim Geithner hard questions.

The president is the master of slight of hand — but he needs a teleprompter to do it because he plans every move and every word.

Since the “stimulus,” which was pushed through congress so fast many “lawmakers” admitted they hadn’t time to read it, we’ve had a mountain of news telling us speedy lawmaking is often really bad lawmaking.

The stimulus money isn’t even out the door and the media is lowering expectations.

Mexico has threatened to open a trade war because of a line in the stimulus, union hiring will mean far fewer jobs than we were promised, and lay-offs continue.

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 Obama: Mexico Tests His Free Trade Talk

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The Obama Administration and the congress look like the gang that can’t shoot straight.

But the president himself, despite yelling fire in a financial bonfire, is mostly telling us to allow the government to spend more and more and look the other way.

During the stimulus debate in congress, which lasted about 10 minutes and did not include hearings or anyone reading the actual legislation — the president campaigned in Indiana (and got all his facts wrong) and in Florida.

The AIG mess is an example of government going too fast.  But that’s a small matter in dollar measures but a big matter in measuring our view of confidence, competenace and credibility: in government and in Obama himself.

Obama: Here’s Why Geithner Has To Go: Credibility, Confidence, Competance

Yet President Obama urged more speed just yesterday for his next budget: a $3.6 trillion beheamouth.

And, although the president said he wouldn’t think of fixing everything, he did say, “The cost of our health care is too high to ignore. The dependence on oil is too dangerous to ignore. Our education deficit is growing too wide to ignore.”  Don’t forget education.  And on and on.

We must have money for energy, education, health care and climate but, sorry, we are short on defense and veterans and other things….

And the economy has yet to rebound and might need more speedy stimulus.


“It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes,” Thomas Jefferson reportedly said.

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 Obama climate plan could cost $2 trillion
National debt hits record $11 trillion
Health care overhaul may cost another $1.5 trillion or more
Gates readies big cuts in weapons

President Rolls Out Budget, March 17, 2009:

Obama said yesterday: “This budget does not raise the taxes of any family making less than $250,000 a year by a single dime.” 

Unless the cap and trade rules and other energy costs, food costs and other costs of living can be considered caused by the governemnt and thus the same as taxes to everyone….

Obama said the country “can’t go back to a bubble economy, an economy based on reckless spending and spending beyond our means.”

Like this is not reckless and spending beyond our means?

As Biden likes to say: “Give me a fu%$#ing break.”




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