Protesters At Homes Of AIG Execs (Organized by ACORN?)

A busload of activists representing working- and middle-class families paid visits Saturday to the lavish homes of American International Group executives to protest the tens of millions of dollars in bonuses awarded by the struggling insurance company after it received a massive federal bailout.


About 40 protesters — outnumbered by reporters and photographers from as far away as Germany — sought to urge AIG executives who received a portion of the $165 million in bonuses to do more to help families.

“We think $165 million could be used in a more appropriate way to keep people in their homes, create more jobs and health care,” said Emeline Bravo-Blackport, a gardener.

She marveled at AIG executive James Haas’ colonial house, which has stunning views of a golf course and the Long Island Sound. The Fairfield house is “another part of the world” from her life in nearby Bridgeport, which flirted with bankruptcy in the 1990s and still struggles with foreclosures and unemployment.”

“Lord, I wonder what it’s like to live in a house that size,” she said.

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Organized by ACORN?

Did ACORN Organize Protests At Homes of AIG Execs?

The activist group ACORN provided liberal causes with protest-for-hire services and coerced donations from the targets of demonstrations through a mob-style “protection” racket, according to one of their former lawyers. 

ACORN called it the “muscle for the money” program….



4 Responses to “Protesters At Homes Of AIG Execs (Organized by ACORN?)”

  1. Michael L. Says:

    “We think $165 million could be used in a more appropriate way to keep people in their homes, create more jobs and health care,” said Emeline Bravo-Blackport, a gardener.
    A gardener?? Where does he garden?? Do poor people hire gardeners???
    Am I missing something here??
    Uhh,,, if the CEOs got their bonuses, they would spend a lot of that money and well, that just might help in saving and creating a few jobs somewhere.
    People have lost their minds!

  2. dcbarton Says:

    No matter what anyone thinks of AIG and it’s bonuses, people’s homes are a different matter. Noone has the right to protest in front of their homes, and these executives have a certain right to privacy in their homes, expecially considering the death threats they have already received. If people want to protest someone, protest Sen Chris Dodd for inserting the provisions in the bailout bill that allowed the bonuses to begin with, protest Obama who signed the bill, or maybe protest the Democrats and three Republicans that voted to pass the bill without reading it.

  3. c k Says:

    This reporter gets an “F”. “Activists” ? Who are they? Who organized them?
    Who paid for the bus ? These are not deep investigative questions. He
    certainly got the names of the executives and towns easily enough.
    This is selective journalism at its worst.

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