Did ACORN Organize Protests At Homes of AIG Execs?

On Saturday reporter John Christofferson wrote for the Associated Press that protesters had gone to the homes of AIG executives to make their displeasure known on the bonus issue.

One of our readers commented on the article that the reporter should get an “F” for not pointing out who these people were.

“‘Activists’ ? Who are they? Who organized them? Who paid for the bus ? These are not deep investigative questions. He certainly got the names of the executives and towns easily enough. This is selective journalism at its worst.”

Social Unrest: Hurt by Economy, Europeans Vent Their Anger

We pulled the thread on this and found several sources that confirmed that ACORN (the Association of Community Reform Organizations) engineerd these protests.

We also found out that reporters vastly outnumered the ACORN protesters…

Why would a far left organization so closely tied to Barack Obama feel the need to invade the neighborhoods of the AIG executives after the House of Representatives already made it clear they wanted to get back 90% of these guys’ “bonus” money?

Protesters At Homes Of AIG Execs (Organized by ACORN?)

Protesters At Homes of AIG Execs Similar To Lawlessness For UK Bank Exec?

Inside Obama’s ACORN



Nice Deb

While the tea parties, (which are popping up all over the country, drawing hundreds and even thousands of people every week), are attracting scarce attention from the media, a motley troupe of 40 ACORN malcontents that go by the name of the Connecticut Working Families Party attracted dozens of reporters from around the world for their protest of AIG working family homes, today:

I’ve been to three tea parties so far, all of which were considerably larger than this sad little  exercise in class envy. Only the last one was covered by anyone in the MSM; one lone reporter from the local Fox affiliate.

But the AIG bonuses are apparently what the media insists we  be outraged about, not the insane spending spree Obama and the Dems in Congress have been on. I could have worked up a little indignation over the bonuses, myself,  but all of the maudlin emoting that came out of Congress, and the White House over them, knocked it right out of me.

Not so with CT Working Families Party.


See also:



The activist group ACORN provided liberal causes with protest-for-hire services and coerced donations from the targets of demonstrations through a mob-style “protection” racket, according to one of their former lawyers. 

ACORN called it the “muscle for the money” program….


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4 Responses to “Did ACORN Organize Protests At Homes of AIG Execs?”

  1. Debbie Says:

    That image is very interesting also. Look at the scarf the man is wearing. Am I mistaken, or is that a Keffiyeh?

  2. ajnone Says:


    I am a conservative at heart who has been betrayed by the republican party. We must hold banking criminals accountable for the destruction in their wake. They must be removed from power. I don’t trust the fox in the hen house. I don’t trust the men and women who created this disgrace and fall.

    None of this is related to ACORN in my mind. Holding criminals accountable for their sins against the American people is not socialism.

  3. edward carter Says:

    chelle,this is the most egregious item today.When Obail-out tells us to form a civil natinal service, and mis-guided citezens ,in genuflection, start following AIG employees around,…the state attorneys’ response?Summons AIG employees to count their assets.Its only yhe threshold, just like KELO V. STATE,that led us here.

  4. Tom Says:

    Debbie says “That image is very interesting also. Look at the scarf the man is wearing. Am I mistaken, or is that a Keffiyeh?” And if it is… so what?

    At least have the courage to make your racism public rather than insinuating it. You are sad.

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