Geithner Makes Big Announcement With No Cameras Allowed

We figure all the president’s men scripted it this way.

In the age of cameras just about everywhere — including on city streets — Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner rolled out his new and improved “Public Private Investment Plan” before financial journalists today and without any live TV coverage.

While the president is urging public confidence, his Treasury Secretary is so uninspiring that he is making his big announcements almost alone.

Tim Geithner: Home Alone.

Mister President: Better staff up at Treasury fast and find a refill for Toxic Tim….

Geithner did rename “toxic assets” today….they are now legacy holdings.

The stock market is up in early trading….

Warning to Joe Biden: stay with the telepromter or you’ll end up like Geithner….

Reports on today’s announcement:

Visit Michelle Malkin:

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner gets a second chance to make a first impression?  Without cameras?  (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


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