Is Obama Serious About Economic Recovery?

We were told that Geithner was the best of the best.  Even though he didn’t correctly calculate his taxes, we had to have him.

A few weeks ago he was told by the markets and the congress that his ideas on the taxic asset sell-off were crap.

Now he’s back with a crap re-write of the same failed homework.

He worked for the AIG bonuses: then couldn’t recall much.  And that exploded into a national spectacle: not a confidence fueling event in a time that the president is urging confidence.

And the other White House economic advisors?  Where are they?

I mean except for Larry Summers who is Geithner’s mentor and can’t be counted.  Where are the the 16-members of the Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory Board, headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker?

Well, Politico says today they haven’t met once.

I thought we were in a crisis?

Last night on “60 Minutes” the president seemed to laugh at the economic crisis; MY economic crisis and your economic crisis.

Is he serious about resolving the economic crisis as soon as possible or more interested in using all this to set out a totally new agenda for a new America?

One wonders…

“Perhaps new economic leadership will emerge during this crisis, under our gifted, charismatic president. It seems likely to consist of people who have the kind of experience, judgment and authority Morgan had — possibly a new “trio” made up of the current Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke; Paul Volcker; and Warren Buffett.”

That comment comes from Jean Strouse in Today’s New York Times.

Note that Geithner and Summers are missing from this trio of reconomic recovery….

Strouse in Today’s New York Times:
Does Obama Need New Economic Leadership?

Obama’s Budget Comes As Government’s Ability To Manage Economy in Doubt

 Resistance grows to Obama’s bigger government

ACORN activists at the homes of AIG executives on Saturday


from Politico

Six weeks after President Barack Obama appointed a blue-ribbon panel to help him dig America out of its economic crisis, the board has yet to hold an official public meeting.

The White House initially said that the 16-member Presidential Economic Recovery Advisory Board, headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, would meet “every few weeks.” Last month, a spokesperson told POLITICO the group would meet monthly. And more recently, the White House said the high-powered board, set up to address what Obama has called the worst economic emergency since the Great Depression, would gather only about four times a year, with the next session due in “late spring.”

But comments from board members and Obama himself indicate that some members of the panel are meeting, in smaller gatherings that have not been announced or opened to the public. And that raises the question of whether an administration that prides itself on openness and transparency is in fact finding it more convenient to conduct public business in private.

Read the rest:

Michelle Malkin:


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