Obamagasm Media: Start Asking Questions; The Budget Is Full of Them

There are so many great questions to ask the president of the United States that our cup runs over.

Did anyone in Iran see the New Year Greeting from President Obama?  What did they think?  A great follow-up would be, since we knew the Iranian government’s response before the message was made, what was the point?

The budget begs 10,000 questions, including this from Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, today:

“The Administration’s decision to include cap and trade—and the revenues generated by it—in the budget forces my colleagues here in the Senate to no longer hide the ball… It allows us to have an honest debate about the costs of a program of this magnitude on the American people—not to mention the enormous redistribution of wealth for pet projects and programs under the umbrella of ‘clean energy.’ To put it simply, they are realizing that cap and trade is a regressive energy tax that hits the Midwest and the South harder than the East or West Coasts.”

And how can cap and trade work between the U.S. and China?  The Chinese are already saying, their factories make stuff for U.S. shoopers so their carbon is our carbon, right?

And since China owns most of the U.S. debt (and we want them to buy more) don’t they call the tunes these days?

And, oh by the way, what are the president’s latest thoughts on immigration reform.  An answer in English or Spanish would be fine, since the non-Spanish speaking immigrants know their process because they go through a process…..

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See Michelle Malkin:


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