120,000 Sign Petition to Withdraw Invite to Obama

Almost 120,000 people (as of March 25 at noon) have signed a petition objecting to the University of Notre Dame’s invitation to President Barack Obama to receive an honorary degree at the University and to participate at the University’s commencement.

The Catholic university has often endorsed liberal views and has accepted speakers of almost all views on the grounds of educational freedom.

Bishop: Notre Dame has ‘chosen prestige over truth’ by inviting Obama

But the current furor is over objections to Obama’s pro-abortion and pro-stem cell research policies.

Obamadome at Notre Dame?

The student newspaper, The Observer, is asking students and members of the community to discuss the issue.

Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris commented from Rome by saying, “The Catholic Church protects life from conception.”

He said “some moral waffling” has gotten the Catholic Church into trouble in recent years.

“We need to reaffirm our identity and go back to core values,” Father Jonathan said.

Liberal media personality Phil Donahue who is Catholic and graduated from Notre Dame, urged a more liberal view, saying the Catholic Church was dying because it did not open itself to the views of people like Obama….


Consider the petition:


By Madeline Buckley
From The Observer
Student newspaper, Notre Dame

Several religious and pro-life groups nationwide are expressing outrage and threatening to protest in South Bend after the University announced President Barack Obama will deliver the 2009 Commencement address at Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony May 17.

Assistant Vice President for News and Information Dennis Brown told The Observer a rumor that University switchboards were overwhelmed with callers and had to be shut down Friday night is false – a claim made by a March 20 article on pewsitter.com.

Although many outside groups are protesting University President Fr. John Jenkins’ decision, The Observer reported in an Oct. 8, 2008 article that Obama led the student body with 52.6 percent of the vote in a mock election held by student government, in which 2,692 undergraduates and graduate students voted.

The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) – a group dedicated to “renewing and strengthening Catholic identity at America’s 224 Catholic colleges and universities,” according its mission statement – launched a Web site, http://www.notredamescandal.com, that acts as an online petition asking Jenkins to withdraw the invitation for President Obama to speak based on Obama’s pro-choice stance.

The site currently claims over 47,000 signers, as of press time.

David Costanzo, CNS communications director, told The Observer that the Society believes Obama is an inappropriate choice for Commencement speaker because the decision goes against a statement made by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in a 2004 document titled “Catholics in Political Life,” which reads: “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”

Read the rest:

Fox News:



Here is why Notre Dame thinks this is OK:



4 Responses to “120,000 Sign Petition to Withdraw Invite to Obama”

  1. Interesting Says:

    A Muslim at a Catholic University getting a honorary degree.
    What a farce, I am losing all respect for the Catholics.
    This shows what their true beliefs are false.
    They should repeal their invite and really show respect towards the religion.

  2. JMKC Says:

    1. Funding Abortion in foreign nations with US tax money=MURDER OF INNOCENTS.

    2. Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research with taxpayer dollars (a totally nonlucrative/for Frankensteinian cloning and artificial life= MURDER OF INNOCENTS.

    3. that no medical care will be provided to an infant “accidentally” born alive as result of an abortion, and requiring medical personnel NOT to aid or provide comfort to the infant while it lies dying in a Soiled Laundry Room=EVEN MORE MURDER.

    Honorary Degree for the President of the United States (who is of questionable birth/citizenship) who made all that shedding of innocent blood possible to further his standing=AWARDING THE MURDER OF INNOCENTS BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

  3. JMKC Says:

    And, how could I ever forget that this is the same President (TOTUS) who is going to withdraw all federal funding to Catholic hospitals, or any other hospital that does not engage in abortion or present the “patient/consumer” with abortion resources, and who wants to criminalize healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, pharmacists) who refuse to engage in abortion.

    Honoring the President/TOTUS for seeking to become the modern day Pharoah/Harod, etc=ENDORSING THE MURDER OF INNOCENTS AND THE OPPRESSION OF TRUE CHRISTIANS AND PEOPLE OF TRUE FAITH.

  4. Ken Says:

    On the Notre Dame website the Reverend John I. Jenkins, ND President, is quoted: “We have a much more challenging mission than most universities. Most universities strive simply to be excellent educational institutions by the accepted standards of the profession. We do this at Notre Dame, and we have had great success. But we also foster and celebrate a distinctive mission to be a Catholic university, inspired and guided by a great spiritual tradition.”

    I guess that “great spiritual tradition” includes honoring President Obama for his unwavering support for partial birth abortion. Does Notre Dame also support the sexual abuse of children by priests?

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