Obama Once Ruled the Media: Now He Wants To Reach You With Less Of Them

Being president is tough: even if most people think you are the guy with more media friends and less media criticism and scrutiny than any man before you.

So after two years of cmpaigning filled with media fawning, the Obamagasm media now cannot even please the Messiah a little bit.

He wants to talk directly to the voters.

Through a teleprompter of course.

And he wants to talk only to the media and the voters of his choosing: like Black and Latino media.

He is everybody’s president but he can no longer abide everyman’s media.

This at a time of unprecedented newspaper closings and the loss of investigative journalists….

And the media he’ll choose is the direct appeal: just like the video that just went to Iran.  The Internet and talking directly to the people.

Help from the likes of Jay Leno will be O.K. and maybe some time on “60 Minutes” is good, so long as the Messiah can laugh when he wants.

Even Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesperson seems to be tired (already?) of so many thorney issues and questions now that the media isn’t still completely dead.

The media is s still a fawning puppy in Obama’s lap: but he realizes now the puppy has the ability to lay a tur * key anytime and anywhere it wants….

Joe Biden even said on Saturday at the Gridiron dinner: there is still a place for newspapers, especially if you have to housebreak a puppy….


From Politico
At a time when his Washington honeymoon is turning into a hazing, President Barack Obama and his team are launched on a strategy to sail above the traditional White House press corps by reaching out to liberal commentators, local reporters and ethnic media.

The highest-profile moments in the new approach have been well-noted, such as the president giving an interview to progressive radio host Ed Schultz and Obama calling on a reporter from the liberal-leaning Huffington Post at his first news conference.

But those moves are only part of a much larger strategy aimed at communicating directly with audiences the White House believes are more sympathetic to the president’s agenda — and one in which much of the work is being done by Obama’s top advisers.

On the day Obama released his ambitious spending plan, the administration put White House budget director Peter Orszag on a conference call with liberal-leaning writers. Senior administration aides have followed up by promoting the budget to local radio talk shows during morning drive time.

Jared Bernstein, Vice President Joe Biden’s economic adviser and a favorite of the labor-liberal wing of the Democratic Party, also held a conference call with friendly reporters.

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has done conference calls with black and Hispanic media outlets.

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