Chris Dodd: Lots of Smoke; Is There Fire?

Whenever we hear that an elected official has a house on the beach in Ireland we should be interested.  How about a loan from Countrywide?

Chris Dodd doesn’t smell right….


From the New York Post

Senate banking-committee Chairman Christopher Dodd who has received $280,000 in campaign contributions from AIG isn’t the only person in his family to benefit from a relationship with the embattled insurance behemoth.

His wife, Jackie Clegg Dodd, worked as an outside “director” for a Bermuda-based company affiliated with AIG, according to a report.

The Connecticut Democrat’s wife worked at IPC Holdings Ltd. for three years, beginning in 2001, according to a proxy statement obtained by Real Clear Politics.

She was paid $12,000 a year for her job, plus an extra $1,000 for every directors and committee meeting she attended, according to the Web site.

AIG was one of the original IPC shareholders but sold its 24 percent stake in 2006, two years after Mrs. Dodd stopped working there.

“To try to connect the AIG bonuses and my wife’s service on the board of this company, which ended five years ago, is nothing more than a cheap political attack,” Sen. Dodd said.

As chairman of the Senate’s influential Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, Sen. Dodd has been smack in the middle of the furor surrounding the $165 million in bonus payouts to AIG execs.

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Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn. ...
Dodd took more AIG money than anyone.  Obama was second. 


A former congressman who is taking aim at U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd told Bristol Republicans Friday that his opponent “used his office for personal gain.”

Rob Simmons, the likely GOP candidate in 2010 for the Senate seat held by Dodd, said that Connecticut’s senior senator has taken sweetheart deals from mortgage companies he regulates and failed to oversee the housing and financial markets that his banking committee has responsibility for keeping an eye on.

Dodd “flip-flopped” this week on the question of whether he approved a bill that allowed AIG executives to receive large bonuses after receiving billions in taxpayer aid, Simmons said, and ultimately said he merely took orders from the treasury secretary.

“Since when does the powerful chairman of the Senate banking and housing committee take secret orders from the administration to protect millions of dollars of bonuses for bailed out executives?” Simmons asked.

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Michelle Malkin:


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