Obama Pushes Into Afghanistan, Pakistan But He Controls Few Variables

The success of President Barack Obama’s new war strategy depends heavily on factors beyond his control: Afghan competence, Pakistani cooperation and a greater willingness by Europeans and other allies to adopt the American view that al-Qaida is at the core of the conflict.

Each of those has been missing or, at best, has fallen short despite years of U.S. pushing and prodding.

ROBERT BURNS, Associated Press Writer

That is why, after more than seven years of inconclusive combat, hundreds of American deaths, billions in financial aid and incomplete efforts to build self-sustaining Afghan security forces, Obama saw a need Friday to retool strategy, clarify U.S. war aims and seek more help from NATO and other partners.

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One Response to “Obama Pushes Into Afghanistan, Pakistan But He Controls Few Variables”

  1. isadag Says:

    No matter how logical, how balanced, how fair you want to be… there is no reasoning when you dealing with a human being that is so ‘brainwashed’, so ‘fanatical’ about his beliefs. Personally I believe that you are wasting your time if the majority follow them.
    And yes, as always, it’s a pity that the innocent pay the price…

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