Cancer of Somali Pirates Calls For Eradication

Nothing has stopped the pirates of Somali from disrupting sea trade for years.

But now the Somali pirates have bitten the “Big Dog;” the United States of America.

The American response could influence the turn of international realtions throughout the Obama Administration; if Mr. Obama’s response is seen as both appropriate and clear.

The response so far to the Somali pirates has not been clear.  And there is talk of the FBI as if this was some form of street crime.

Now Kill All The Pirates

But crimes at sea are different and much more akin to terrorism and war than a mugging or a stick up.  Legal precedent and long standing international agreements at sea tell us this.

So we favor some dramatic strike at the base of the Somali pirates at their home in Harardhere.  This will cut off the pirates at sea from support, signal to our allies strong committment and tell our adversaries that it is not nice to mess with the USA.

This is an unlikely but simple first test on how and when the Obama Administration will use force.

The world waits…..

From CNN:
Helicopter Makes Uneasy Flight Over Harardhere

Pirates, like terrorists, won’t say I’m sorry and go back to anything….They have nothing better to go back to….

From Michelle Malkin:

A Happy and Prayerful Easter to all!


From Politico:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) knocked Obama via Twitter Friday, criticizing the president …

… for his response the hostage situation involving pirates off the coast of Somalia.

“The correct answer to piracy is to destroy it not negotiate with it Seals can retake the lifeboat Track every boat leaving Somalia,” Gingrich tweeted.

“Under no circumstance should any boat carrying hostages be allowed to reach Somalia pirates are ‘outside the law’ and a threat to everyone,” he added.


One Response to “Cancer of Somali Pirates Calls For Eradication”

  1. Kevin Says:

    The “Big Dog” has bitten back, more than likely with “snipers” which would have posed less risk to the captain.
    Simply put “we don’t pay ransoms”, period!
    My hat goes off to whomever planned this operation. Class!!

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