Obama’s Burden: Public Opinion, Global Happy Talk and Pulling The Trigger

Thank goodness for U.S. public opinion.

Captain Phillips’s Somali pirate captors had asked for a ransom of $2 million as well as their own freedom, but no money was paid.

Yesterday, three of the pirates paid with their lives.

“The weight of American public opinion will not allow that ransom be paid,” said a U.S. diplomatic source in Nairobi.

“It would be too much of a humiliation for four guys with a couple of rifles to outwit the combined might of the USA.”


America is in fact a bulwark against much of the threatening activity in the world — activity that threatens economies, trade and security; order if you will.

The same United Nations that seems unable to muster a more forceful response to anything than mere words is the same U.N. that admonished pirates yet told ship owners that arming their crews was unnecessarily dangerous.

President Obama has expressed great hope in the U.N. and international action in all things — even evoking combined international effort after individual Amaericans pulled the trigger to free one individual American at sea on Sunday.

“We remain resolved to halt the rise of piracy in this region. To achieve that goal, we must continue to work with our partners….” the president’s statement said.

But the fact is, our partners did almost nothing to deter the capture of Captain Phillips and did nothing to secure his release.

This doesn’t mean that America should act alone in all things but it may mean that America needs to selfishly preserve the right and ability to do so.  Let’s not foreclose any options during the Obama years: we may never get them back.

That should be a lesson to Obama and his White House but it is one we expect he will miss.

Viewing the world as a series of isolated events and the international community as some grand, all knowing and all doing problem solver is naive and dangerous.

Many in the U.N. and the international community would eat Barack’s liver if given half a chance.

The U.N., along with the individual players of Russia, China and the other major powers have been little help in fighting the war on terror despite all the politically correct happy talk.  And Russia, China and the other great powers have been little or no help in resolving the deep and disturbing issues in North Korea, Iran, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Mush of the peace of security of the world has been secured by Americans pulling the trigger.  Not Americans joining in the cacophony of global happy talk….

That’s a lesson that will be difficult to swallow for a president so focused upon criticizing his predecessor…..

At the end of the Captain Phillips drama, John Reinhart, CEO of Maersk Shipping Line said, “We’re making all of the arrangements to fly everyone home, to get them reunited so they can find some peace and order in their lives after this very harrowing experience.”

Obama’s burden is to provide peace and security in our lives — not to change the world in any other way.

We hope he got the message and learned a lesson on Easter Sunday.

The U.S. Navy SEALs might be a lot more important to Americans than the U.N….

File:US Navy SEALs insignia.png
Navy SEAL insignia

File:The United Nations Building.jpg

The U.N.

MSNBC Report:


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