Obama First President Ever To Shoot Three Juveniles in Head During “Negotiation”

Pardon me for wondering what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Kim Jong-il of North Korea are thinking tonight.  Both have been offered an opportunity to “negotiate” with the United States and therefore its new President, Barack Obama.

Obama has made a lot of talk about negotiating and even made a special video for Iran during the Persian New Year.

But the Obama record of international negotiation is now this: three dead by head shot and one saved by a ruse.  He’ll maybe go on trial because, well, Gitmo is closing and Eric Holder wants to host a trial.

Except he’s a juvenile; maybe 14 years old according to Fox News — which makes where and how to hold the trial problematic in the extreme….

“Illegal activities must be dealt with,” he said. “If you don’t deal with criminal behavior, then it will continue.”

Many in my business get paid for determining “how the other guys might see this.”

While we at Peace and Freedom applaud the U.S. Navy for their work in freeing Captain Phillips; we don’t wonder at all what people are thinking in Iran and North Korea.  They now know what Republicans already learned.  Obama won.  Negotiations won’t be simple and easy.  And you may get it in the head. Or elsewhere…..

At the top of the U.S. government we have this guy, Rahm “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste” Emanuel.  He probably predicted what the “head shots” would mean to the Obama legacy….

Read Michelle Malkin:


The fact that American “lawmakers” are busy passing bills that they haven’t read seems to go hand in glove with a White House that hasn’t thought through the implications of many things.  The Obama Bow to the Saudi King smacks of obeisance; defined as “bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame;” or “the act of obeying; dutiful or submissive behavior with respect to another person.”
The President of the United States Barack Obama greets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

The President of the United States Barack Obama greets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Photo: Getty Images

Is this what the White House wanted?  It is what they got.

The Brit Prime Minister got movies on CD from the President of the United States: not a very symbolic gift.  One was “Star Wars.”  And nobody in the White House even checked to see if these CDs can be watched in the UK (they use different digital formatting: the CDs given by Obama are “blank” on UK machines).

Don’t forget, many Presidents of the United States do their work in the Oval Office on the “Resolute Desk” which is made from the timbers of a Royal Navy Warship.  That’s symbolism.

JFK among otheres used the “Resolute Desk” — a gift from the UK.  Obama returned one gift from the UK: A Statue of Sir Winston Churchill.

The president gave the Queen of England an IPod — made in China.

The Secretary of State in this Obama Administration gave her Russian counterpart a giant red button which was supposed to be marked “reset.”  But the word was not spelled correctly or was just flat out the wrong word.  Besides:  to most Russians a giant red button is for launching nuclear weapons…..

So what are we resetting to with Russia?  Ask Joe Biden: it was his idea apparently to make the ‘reset” button.  Joe “Advisor to Many Presidents” Biden should have asked the staff to discuss with him how Vladimir Putin might reset — back to his KGB roots?

Was it Joe Biden, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton that thought it was a good idea to encourage Russia to just hit the “reset” button?  Well, whoever…..

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a red button marked "reset" in English and "overload" in Russian.

Barack, Hillary: Moronic “Reset” Idea for Relations With Russia

Let’s Talk: Pirate Episode Hurt Obama’s Negotiating Cred

 Era of Obama, American Weakness Emboldens Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Terrorists

Somali Pirates Were Juveniles

Somali Pirates Now Vow To Kill U.S., French

From The New York Times:
For Mr. Obama, the episode ended successfully with the precision takedown of three pirates with three bullets and the recovery of Captain Phillips generally unharmed.

But the operation on the waters off the Horn of Africa may presage a more complicated challenge for a president already trying to end a war in Iraq and win another in Afghanistan. Somali pirates have vowed to take revenge on Americans, and they have demonstrated in recent months their ability to seize ships from all sorts of countries with impunity.


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