Messiah Obama Evokes “Sermon on The Mount” At Georgetown, But Anti-Abortion Advocates Don’t Cede High Ground

President Obama gave the nation an update on the economy today at Georgeton University.  And although few in the mainstream media took note, there were anti-abortion protesters at the Catholic University to mar the president’s visit.

Still, Mr. Obama used his Messiah-like rhetoric unbowed.

According to Politico’s Eamon Javers:

The speech – which Obama suggested would be more “prose” than “poetry,” nonetheless ended on a soaring note. The president painted a vision of a stronger America, and referencing Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount: “That is the house upon the rock,” Obama said. “Proud, sturdy, unwaivering.”

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What Others Are Saying:

Imagine if Obama were to give a speech at the Islamic Center of Washington, DC.   Would members of that community approve the covering of the Shahada?

Not only was this step taken by the White House advance team, Obama himself mangled a parable from the Sermon on the Mount about two houses, one built on sand only to be blown away in a storm, and another built on rock impervious to the swirling winds.

Georgetown Honors Obama, Not Jesus (There Can Only Be One Messiah….)

Michael Ramirez


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