CNN Looks Pretty Good in Tea Party Reports; But A Few On Air Slip Into Liberal Land, Sex, Racism Accusation?

Not all of CNN looked rediculous during Wednesday’s tea party reporting, but Susan Roesgen waved her liberal bias, perhaps forgetting the lessons of Journalism 101.

Roesgen called Tea Party protests are “not fit for family viewing” and then acted offended at an anti-Obama sign — perhaps forgetting that she gushed with joy over an anti-Bush characature not too long ago…..

Not fit for family was Anderson Cooper making a sexual activity reference and tying that to the tea bag party participants (see comment).

But CNN wasn’t a total loss covering the tea parties and mustered up the courage to actually file some sensible and sane reports on the tax day….. Cafferty, howerver, went over the line on the DHS report.  See:
CNN’s Jack Cafferty Sounds Off On DHS “Right Wing” Report; Network Adds Nazi Flag Image


From CNN:

Armed with signs reading “no taxation without deliberation” and “stop bankrupting America,” tens of thousands of people spent national tax day at organized “tea party” demonstrations across the country, protesting what some view as excessive government spending and bailouts.
“If you look at these nine little beautiful grandbabies, I’m here for them. Our government’s out of control with spending and their future’s being robbed,” said Mary Wojnas, whose sign had a photo of her grandchildren next to the phrase, “Stop Generational Theft.”

“Stop out-of-control spending and stop government takeover and intrusion in our lives. They’re here to protect us and beyond that, get out of our way,” said Wojnas, who attended a rally in front of the Georgia state capitol in Atlanta.

In Massachusetts, hundreds cheered as people dressed in 18th-century style wigs and clothes tossed crates of tea into Boston Harbor, harkening back to pre-Revolutionary War protests in that city against British taxation policies.

“I think it’s only a matter of time before these people quit carrying signs and start doing something else,” said Ed McQueen, an Ohio resident who attended the Chicago rally. “What that is, I don’t know. Quit paying taxes? Are they going to start carrying sticks and clubs? I don’t know.”

From CNN:

Michelle Malkin:


CNN Interviewer Seems To Try To Play Race Card on Tea Party Day

SANCHEZ: But then there’s also this. We were doing a report earlier today. One of our correspondents was on the air reporting. And I noticed something behind her. And I said, oh my goodness, look at that. And I bet you it’s not something Tim’s going to be pleased by.

Look at that, what it says. Go ahead and turn around. Look at the screen right there.

Do we see that guy that says, “I’m not your ATM”?


SANCHEZ: It’s a white hand giving money to a black hand. You know, what do you make of that? Does that bother you a little bit?

PHILLIPS: I think that any time you have literally tens of thousands of people from all walks of life coming out to rallies and events, there’s going to be one sign that’s objectionable or one statement that you would rather not be said.

SANCHEZ: It’s not representative?


[Not] in any way does it discount, you know, the good American protest that’s going out there today.

Here’s what I would challenge every media organization to do: Go to the rally in Atlanta [Georgia] today or any of the rallies that have happened across the country and grab the first 12 people you see. And say, why are you here and tell me what about your background. You’re going to find the most broadly represented mainstream Americans who are concerned about the future with all this spending, all this debt, all these new taxes.

I would challenge organizations to do that. Whenever you’ve got tens of thousands, really, over 100,000, coming to somewhere between 800 and 1,000 events across the country….

SANCHEZ: But you’re saying it’s by far the exception and by no means the norm.

PHILLIPS: Right. And the best way, though, to prove that is go to the events and by the way, you’ve been showing people at the rallies who are normal average folks and I’m not dinging you.

But that’s the best way to do it. The events I’ve been to across the country leading up to today and then today, these are the most mainstream, broadly defined Americans who are genuinely concerned.


One Response to “CNN Looks Pretty Good in Tea Party Reports; But A Few On Air Slip Into Liberal Land, Sex, Racism Accusation?”

  1. maggiemae1 Says:

    I disagree concerning CNN….when Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow have a giggle about ‘teabagging’, well……..they think we’re stupid… teabagging to see what they were all grinning about.

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